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    City or Township Devon, PA
    Postal Code 19333, PA
    Neighborhood Neighborhood, Devon, PA
    School District School District, County, PA
    Listing Service Area Area, PA
    Address 123 Main St, Devon, PA
    Street Main St, Devon, PA
    Listing ID #123456
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    City or Township Devon, PA
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      The city of Charlottesville has shrouded two of its Confederate monuments in a show of mourning for the woman killed in the violent white nationalist protest there earlier this month. Workers draped statues of both Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson Wednesday following a city council vote earlier this week. The gesture was to memorialize 32-year-old Heather Heyer, who was killed when a white nationalist rammed his car into pedestrians following the Aug. 12 rally. Sandy Hausman of member station WVTF tells our newscast unit that "it took eight men with ropes and poles, a truck and a cherry picker to lift and drop black tarps over" the nearly 30-foot monuments. Hausman goes on to report that supporters of this decision include the city's vice mayor Wes Bellamy. "Some individuals are going to be upset, and that is okay, but progression must be at the forefront of everything we do – creating equity in all of our public spaces.This allows us to move one step further in the right direction,

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