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    City or Township Devon, PA
    Postal Code 19333, PA
    Neighborhood Neighborhood, Devon, PA
    School District School District, County, PA
    Listing Service Area Area, PA
    Address 123 Main St, Devon, PA
    Street Main St, Devon, PA
    Listing ID #123456
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    City or Township Devon, PA
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    • On the Next Galactic Travels 2017-09-28

      Become a member of WDIY today to keep this great programming coming your way. On the next Galactic Travels , the month-long Special Focus on Remy concludes. The Featured CD at Midnight will be "EOD" on AKH Records. The latest show's playlist (September 21 - show #1068) is available for your inspection. Galactic Travels is rebroadcast on WGRN-FM , "the Green Renaissance" in Columbus, Ohio and four times weekly on Modul303 , "early & modern electronic music."

    • A Tale Of Two States: How California And Texas May Fare Under GOP Health Plan

      Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit AILSA CHANG, HOST: The Senate is taking one more stab at repealing the Affordable Care Act. Republicans say they'll vote on what's known as the Graham-Cassidy bill next week. Among other things, it would dramatically redistribute federal funds to states. And generally, states that expanded Medicaid stand to lose billions of dollars. The rest would see a short-term influx of funds. We're going to hear from one of those states, Texas, in a minute. First, from KQED in San Francisco, April Dembosky explains why California would be one of the hardest hit states. APRIL DEMBOSKY, BYLINE: The new Graham-Cassidy legislation would take money from states that have invested heavily in the Affordable Care Act, then redistribute it to other states that haven't. Aviva Aron-Dine is with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. AVIVA ARON-DINE: For a state like California or a Massachusetts or a New York, exactly the states that might be most motivated to at

    • Facebook To Turn Over 3,000 Ads To Congress In Russian Election Interference Probe

      Facebook will provide the contents of 3,000 ads purchased by a Russian agency to Congress. The political ads ran during the 2016 presidential election campaign. The move comes amid growing pressure on the social network from members of Congress to release the ads. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg live-streamed a statement in which he said that his company was "actively working" with the U.S. government in the ongoing Russia investigations. Zuckerberg also announced a series of rule changes on the site that he hoped would help guard against interference with elections in the future. Users have been able to look up the company behind an ad they see, but now they will also be able to see who else was targeted by that company. A move that might give people get a sense of the motivations of the advertiser. Other steps Zuckerberg announced include stronger policies for review at the company for political ads and it will add another 250 employees to focus on election integrity and security. In a

    • Florida's Citrus Groves Hit Hard By Hurricane Irma

      Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit KELLY MCEVERS, HOST: Hurricane Irma, which tore through the Caribbean and across Florida earlier this month, complicated life for a lot of people, including Florida citrus growers. Ellis Hunt Jr.'s family has been in the Florida citrus business for almost 100 years. He has 5,000 acres of citrus trees, and a lot of these trees were badly damaged. I talked to Hunt today. And before I did, I looked at pictures he'd shared with us of trees bent sideways and uprooted and trees still under a lot of water with what looked like hundreds of grapefruits floating on top. ELLIS HUNT JR: The pictures don't do it justice. When you stand there and you physically smell the stagnant water and the rotting grass and the fruits laying in the water and it's a whole crop that was weeks away from being ready to harvest and all the time and effort and dollars that went into raising that crop are lost, it's devastating. MCEVERS: Right. So how would you quantify it? How

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